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Embodied Archetype Workshops
Empowering and transformational 
Exploring the archetypes through body, voice and ritual can support personal growth in all aspects of your lives: Be that to help you honour your boundaries, take care of your needs,  step into your sovereign power, accept your body, achieve your goals, speak your truth, say NO and mean it or to let go of  habits that no longer serve you. You will also learn how the shadow pole of each archetype manifests in you: how to befriend and integrate it so you can stop playing the victim, stop sabotaging your life and reclaim your true power and purpose. 
Archetypes we explore include the Queen, King, Maiden, Hero, Inner Child, Priestess, Wild Woman, Lover, Mother, Creatrix, Warrior, Huntress, Crone, Trickster and specific Goddesses including Brigid and the Morrígan. Most workshops are open to people of all genders. The Maiden, Huntress and Crone will remain for female identified people only.
Embodied Archetype Workshop - Queen & King
Embodied Archetype Workshop - Queen & King
Reclaim your sovereign power and awaken your inner Queen/King, the balancing force of all the archetypes.
26 May 2024, 11:00 – 18:00
Bawnaknockane, Ballydehob, Co. Cork, Ireland
  • Meet and integrate your shadows 

  • Face your fears and integrate them

  • Integrate the abandoned parts of yourself

  • Reclaim lost, trapped or suppressed energy 

  • Heal wounds around sexuality and the body

  • Approach old 'problems' with new perspective


  • Release unexpressed emotions safely

  • Surrender habits that no longer serve

  • Find peace and acceptance of your body 

  • Safely share experiences you've kept hidden

  • Surrender limited beliefs made by a younger version of yourself

  • Have fun

  • Build confidence

  • Gain courage to speak your truth

  • Find freedom in your body and voice

  • Empower yourself to say NO and mean it

  • Discover your YES and manifest that in life

  • Find community

  • Focus on your goals

  • Liberate your creativity

  • Learn how to lead a sacred life

  • Step into the you, you wish to become

  • Feel more connected to yourself and others

  • Get fit, physically, emotionally and mentally

“I just wanted to say, your work matters, makes a difference and has a ripple effect across lives”  


What people say

'My current self, past self and future self are very grateful'  - FRAN

'So comprehensive, a wonderful journey and incredibly sustaining'  - KIRAN 

'The most powerful, authentic space I’ve ever been in. I felt safe, encouraged, honoured, free and open' - DEIRDRE RYAN

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