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Embodied Archetypes
Empowering and transformational workshops  
Alongside her work as a creative artist, Lewis runs workshops exploring specific Archetypes to  support people in all aspects of their lives: Be that to help you honour your boundaries, take care of your needs, accept all aspects of your self and body, achieve your goals, fall in love with life itself, speak your truth, say NO and mean it or to let go of  habits that no longer serve you. You will also learn how the shadow pole of each archetype manifests in you: how to befriend and integrate it so you can stop playing the victim, stop sabotaging your life and reclaim your true power and purpose. Archetypes we explore include the Queen, Maiden, Crone, Inner Child, Priestess, Wild Woman, Lover, Mother, Creatrix, Warrior, Huntress, Trickster and specific Goddesses including Brigid and the Morrígan. Workshops for male-identified people will become available soon, exploring the King, Warrior, Hero, Inner Child, Lover, Wild Man, Wise Man and Magician.
No upcoming events at the moment
  • Meet and integrate your shadows 

  • Face your fears and integrate them

  • Integrate the abandoned parts of yourself

  • Reclaim lost, trapped or suppressed energy 

  • Heal wounds around sexuality and the body

  • Approach old 'problems' with new perspective


  • Release unexpressed emotions safely

  • Surrender habits that no longer serve

  • Find peace and acceptance of your body 

  • Safely share experiences you've kept hidden

  • Surrender limited beliefs made by a younger version of yourself

  • Have fun

  • Build confidence

  • Gain courage to speak your truth

  • Find freedom in your body and voice

  • Empower yourself to say NO and mean it

  • Discover your YES and manifest that in life

  • Find community

  • Focus on your goals

  • Liberate your creativity

  • Learn how to lead a sacred life

  • Step into the you, you wish to become

  • Feel more connected to yourself and others

  • Get fit, physically, emotionally and mentally

“I just wanted to say, your work matters, makes a difference and has a ripple effect across lives”  


Listen to Lewis talk about the workshops

I offer one to one coaching to support your health, wellbeing and self expression. Helping you build confidence, overcome anxiety and empower yourself in all areas of your life. Drawing on 15 years of experience in creating, directing and performing transformative theatre and music I support clients in gaining self confidence to speak their truth on and off stage. In some sessions I draw upon my expertise as a medical Doctor to facilitate a shift in the way clients hold beliefs about their body and wellbeing. We can work on releasing blocked emotions; rage and shame being the most commonly explored. In some sessions we focus purely on archetypal work and how they can engage an empowering shift in consciousness. Often we will work with shadows, integrating them into wholeness and harmony and redeploying them to be of service to our highest selves. Other subjects include: Breath work, Empowerment in body and voice, Self soothing techniques, Confidence building, Life and Creative Coaching, Artistic Mentoring and Support to help break habits of self sabotage. It is my intention to empower you to take care of your own wellbeing. Each session is tailor made to meet your needs.
1-1 coaching

1hr Intro session - €65 (£60)

1hr session - €80 (£75)

How many sessions do I need?

That depends on your needs. Most people have 4-6 sessions.

Acting for students

1hr session - €55 (£50)

90min session - €75 (£70)

Topics covered

Audition technique. Monologues. Approaches to Shakespeare. Mock Auditions. Vocal & body technique & training.

What people say

'My current self, past self and future self are very grateful'  - FRAN

'So comprehensive, a wonderful journey and incredibly sustaining'  - KIRAN 

'The most powerful, authentic space I’ve ever been in. I felt safe, encouraged, honoured, free and open' - DEIRDRE RYAN

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