A house concert is a beautiful way to strengthen family, friend and community bonds and spirit through music.

When embraced in the spirit of supporting independent artists and original music, they make for an intimate, extraordinary and unforgettable evening.

If you would like to host a house concert send me a message and let's find a date.

I can also send you all the info on how to host a house concert.

For the time being here are a few bits of info about hosting.


How do I host a House Concert?

All you need is some friends, a warm space for 15+ guests (lounge/barn/studio), chairs and cushions, space for snacks/drinks and a small table for me to put out my CD's. Hosts usually accommodate me overnight.  I am happy to play solo, duo (with Cello) or trio (with Clarinet) depending on how much space you have.


What about sound equipment?

I will bring whatever amplification may be needed. 

You don't need a license and you don't need to hire anything.

I have Public Liability Insurance for myself and the band.


How much will it cost?

This is generally made up of donations from guests of around £10-15 a head

but people can be as generous as they wish.

Lewis Barfoot