"CATCH ME" is my debut EP. It comes in a 7" Vinyl-style cd sleeve.

IT IS A CD! Even though it looks like a record.

“Delicious music: a massage of the heart, a whisper to the soul, and we slip into a state of contented relaxation induced by Lewis Barfoot's musical hypnotism” Irish Radio International

"Lewis works with an uncomplicated loveliness of sound" Misfit City

Produced by Lewis Barfoot & Alex Forster

Words, music, vocals & guitar by Lewis Barfoot

Guitar & Backing vocals by Joshua Flowers. Guitar by Xabier Mera

Clarinet & piano by Matt Dibble. Cello by Maria Rodriguez Reina

Recorded & mixed by Alex Forster. Mastered by Pete Maher

                                   Artwork by Raphy Mendoza. Photo by Patrick Dodds                                   

Released January 15, 2016


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out 15.9.17