Lewis Barfoot


Ethereal, enchanting & enigmatic. 

Half English, Half Irish Nu-folk singer Lewis released her debut EP Catch Me in January. 

“Delicious music: a massage of the heart, a whisper to the soulIrish Radio International

“Lewis works with an uncomplicated loveliness of sound” Misfit City

Deeply ensconced in the roots of Folk & drawing inspiration from her Irish heritage, Lewis’ voice blends seamlessly with her fingerpicking guitar & witty loop sequences. Taking you on a VOCAL VOYAGE around the world & the tender depths of her heart. Currently accompanied by the marvellous Maria Rodriquez Reina on Cello and Matt Dibble on Clarinet.

Invisible Filter Blog EP review

"Five utterly brilliant songs. Lewis Barfoot’s soothing voice is undisturbed. Her gentle vocals almost feel ethereal and lure you into this enchanted fortress and leave you wandering in the exquisite world she’s created with her EP, that somehow stays fabulously simple"

Invisible Filter Blog live review

"I knew Lewis’ performance was going to be special in an intimate kind of way, but as she steps on the stage to sing her first song a cappella, I am blown away. My skin feels like as if it is being burnt by the flames of a furious match. And these words are coming out of the mouth of someone who is familiar with her music. This new experience is unsettlingly unexpected, and naturally, I am craving more. I can’t help but feel how special this woman is. She uses her environment, adventures and experiences, whether they are good or bad, as fuel, and keeps on singing, creating. Before performing ‘Taranaki’, she asks the audience to sing along, and there isn’t a single person who isn’t singing the chorus, her energy is so infectious.We are lucky to hear a few unreleased songs; ‘Little Bird’, ‘Wise Owl’ and ‘Sweet Dreams’ that will end up on her debut album, to be released next year.She finishes her set with the title track of her new EP ‘Catch Me’. Her elastic and commanding vocals are completely awakened, and the song shimmers into life with the gentle chords of the acoustic guitar"

Misfit City

"Lewis works with an uncomplicated loveliness of sound that’s smoothly crafted, waxed and finished"

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